A CD Plus is an easy way to save for a big vacation, life during retirement, or future business plans. To start saving, just choose an amount of $500 or more that you want to set aside. Then open your CD Plus online. Or visit any branch to open your IRA CD Plus or Commercial CD Plus. Hurry, CD Plus is only available until November 30!

Choose between three great CD Plus options!


Prepare for a big purchase or a fun getaway.

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Set some money aside for life after working.

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Save up for your big business

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*Current annual percentage yield (APY) subject to change. Rate effective as of 11-01-18 and subject to change. Minimum opening balance $500. Penalty for early withdrawal. Rates apply to balances of $500 or more. Upon renewal, the 15-month CD Plus will convert to a 12-month regular CD at the then current rate.