The power of
dreaming big.

College Planning

Let’s plan for the future. Together.

Whether you’re a student trying to figure out your next step in life or a parent helping your child plan for the future, you understand the power of dreaming big. Of having hope for the future. And of taking chances on new opportunities. Wherever you are in the college planning process, we understand that choosing the best college, figuring out how to pay the bill, and applying for financial aid can be daunting tasks. We’re here to help. 


Flexible college funding.

Prepare your finances for school even if plans for fall attendance have not been finalized yet. With an education line of credit through our partners at CU Student Choice, apply now and request the exact amount of funding that you, or your child, will need after attendance plans and financial aid have been determined. You can relax knowing that you won't have to reapply each year. 

Fixed Rate Line of Credit

Low, competitive rates

Borrow up to $75,000

10-year repayment term


Variable-Rate Line of Credit

Low, competitive rates

Borrow up to $75,000

Repayment term varies based on balance


Do you want more information about an education line of credit? See common FAQs to find the answers.
College Savings Assistance

Our Financial Life Planning Team can put together a personalized plan to help you save for college.4

Easy Checking Account

Keep your spending money in one simple account with no minimum balance requirements.