Inspiring a beautiful community.


Meet Jessie, a business member and the owner of Skinphorea Facial Bar & Acne Clinic. After opening a second location in Detroit, she understands the power of finding confidence and caring for more than skin.

Jessie believes in the power of building up her clients. Supporting other passionate business owners in the community. And finding the confidence to “keep going.”


Raising the bar.

The story of Skinphorea Facial Bar & Acne Clinic begins at Jessie’s home. In the early days of her business, a spare bedroom was Skinphorea. That’s where she gradually built her clientele, offering spa services and acne treatments to community members in the Royal Oak area. But that room was also a launchpad. A place of possibilities. A starting point for Jessie to refine her business expertise, develop partnerships, and grow Skinphorea into the thriving business that it is today.

“I couldn’t have made it without my family, my business partners, and the people in my community who are always pushing me.”

More than skin deep.

For Jessie, her business is more than a destination for premium facials or skin treatments. Whether you visit the Royal Oak or Detroit location, Skinphorea is a place for renewed confidence. That is the foundation of Jessie’s mission — inspiring every client to rediscover and embrace their true, most beautiful selves. And this mission is connecting with a larger community every day. Anyone who believes healthy skin can positively impact overall wellbeing is welcome at Skinphorea.


Being a Black woman with Detroit roots is also an essential piece of Jessie’s story. Skinphorea’s Corktown location, built at the site of the old Tiger Stadium, holds a special significance for her. Jessie’s father watched the Tigers win the World Series in 1968 at that historic site, also known as The Corner. And in the streets beyond the stadium — one of which is now home to Skinphorea — celebrations following the victory brought the city together in a moment of jubilation.


Jessie occasionally thinks about those moments and the cultural significance of having a location in Corktown. She says, “At that time, my father could never imagine that decades later his daughter, a Black woman, would be able to own a building right on that same land."

“I've probably referred over 50 women-owned businesses to Lake Trust. That's how much I believe in them.”


“Lake Trust empowers me to keep going.”

Jessie's ambitions to expand Skinphorea were nearly stifled during the COVID-19 pandemic. She needed additional funds to help fulfill inventory and brave the challenges that most small businesses were facing at that time. Lake Trust offered a Small Business Microloan that helped Skinphorea "take off" and stabilize over the long term. As a business banking member, she values Lake Trust beyond her Membership Savings Account or Business Checking Account. She also loves the people, the community connection, and the educational resources that have all brought her closer to financial wellbeing. That's why she frequently refers businesses to Lake Trust — because she wants women entrepreneurs throughout our state to find success.

And when two Lake Trust team members made a surprise appearance at Skinphorea’s opening event in Corktown, Jessie was reminded of the strength and uniqueness of her partnership.

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